Our inspiration

Our family venture started as two brothers and sisters-in-law thinking about how to bring great childcare to Princes Risborough. As parents with 3 and a half children between us we have considered our past experiences and we feel it is so important to be reassured when we go to work that our little ones are left with the best carers and a safe environment. This has resulted in the creation of Princes Risborough Nursery!

We want to bring much needed childcare facility for parents wishing their children to have an amazing early years’ experience in the town of Princes Risborough. We want them to have fun, grow and enjoy every day in a safe and fun environment even when we are unable to be with them due to work commitments.

We pride ourselves on the following

Focusing on child led development

We want your child to be whatever they want to be and to do this we want to create a learning by play, child-led environment in which they can experience, explore and grow. Our staff will focus on the individual journey of each child – we are all different and our staff will ensure that they have a wide knowledge of children’s interests to match them as they grow.

We will follow the Early Years foundation Stage and where possible include Montessori elements to enrich the children’s learning and growing at every stage. Outside learning is paramount and our outside garden will be explored by the children every day.

A team approach

We value our staff highly and will make sure they have direct input into how the nursery is run, both day to day and through its continued development. We want our staff to feel as much ownership and pride in providing excellent care for your children as we do.

Flexibility for parents

Long days are available for parents. Our hours are between 7.30am and 6.30pm. You are welcome to park your bike or leave your pushchair at the premises to help with drop off and pick up. Our location near the station ensures that if you are commuting by train you are able to spend the shortest time possible away from your little ones.

Flexibility for staff

Happy staff means a happy environment for your children. Staff are offered flexible contracts and long or short days – they also have families and other commitments and it is at the heart of our ethos to make sure they are fit, well, enthusiastic and ready to look after your children every day.

Environmentally conscious

We strive where possible to minimise our impact on the environment and will constantly be reviewing the products we use to ensure our impact on the planet is as low as possible. Staff and parents are encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport and we focus on providing wooden toys and furniture.

Local links

Princes Risborough and the Chilterns is a fantastic area! We have numerous opportunities for all our children to explore the world around us, as we have a world in miniature on our doorstep. We will have visits from lots of local businesses, and will venture out to the local park on a regular basis.

Making learning fun

The early years of all our children’s lives are essential to building their perception of the world around them, and we know how wonderful it is to have happy contented people in our family members. Our days will be full of learning through fun and lots of laughter, and we strive to ensure that you are also rewarded with happy small people at the end of each day and week.